Cineflex aerial video systems

Authorized Cineflex representative

Cineflex is the international market leader for gyro-stabilized camera platforms. You can rent or buy these aerial video systems at WIM ROBBERECHTS & Co. We are an authorised Cineflex representative.


Our factory-trained engineer not only maintains our own camera systems, but also works for our colleagues. We have our own vibration platform, specifically designed to test Cineflex systems. It can simulate the vibrations of several helicopter types.

Cineflex: an unmatched stability

The Cineflex aerial video systems integrate digital cinematographic and High Definition cameras into gyro-stabilized platforms that provide an unmatched stability. Cineflex systems were originally designed to be used on helicopters.But the systems are also perfectly suited to film cars, boats or any other moving vehicle. 

WIM ROBBERECHTS & Co provide you with everything you need for aerial cinematography. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!