Aerial cinematography

Aerial cinematography takes experience and expertise. WIM ROBBERECHTS & Co have what it takes to make the most beautiful images from helicopters or other vehicles.

  • 6 Cineflex camera systems with an extensive set of accessories for each application
  • Experienced and sought-after camera crew
  • Creative and professional technical team
  • Out-of-the-box technical advice & a solution to every challenge

1. Digital cinematography

Aerial cinematography for feature films, commercials and high-end television productions are mainly filmed with digital cameras. To make the best possible images, we have our own gyro-stabilized Cineflex Elite with an Arri Alexa M camera. 

2. High Definition (HD) cinematography 

We use HD cameras for live sporting events, corporate videos and regular television productions.  Our Cineflex V14 HD systems have interchangeable lenses and we have an array of accessories.

Our equipment is very suited for technical aerial images, such as

  • Inspection of river banks and dikes
  • Inventory of railways
  • Inspection of pipelines and high-voltage cables
  • Assessment of damage after a flood

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